Infant Nursery

We love babies at Canaland! We are licensed to care for babies beginning at 6 weeks old. The Infant Nursery Department enrolls children ages 6 weeks to one year. After the nursery, they move to the Butterfly Room. In the nursery, children get one-on-one time with their caregiver as much as possible. They have tummy-time, stories read to them throughout the day, as they remain on their individual napping and feeding schedule. The ratio of staff to child is 1:4, which can seem like a lot, but if it’s needed, help is always a push button away!

Infant parents provide the following for their baby: 

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Extra supply of clothes that fit the baby (note this might need to be checked often as the baby grows).

  • Formula (if you prefer one other than Canaland provides)

  • Baby food (if you prefer one other than Canaland provides)

  • Special blanket or comfort toy, if you'd like.


Preschool - 2K, 3K

Canaland follows the Bob Jones University Press preschool curriculum for 2K and 3K. Children will grow in social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. We don't hurry a child along, and yet if a child is ready to learn at a faster pace, the opportunities are there for the child to develop at their individual pace.

After breakfast and bathrooms, preschool happens each morning by 9am, with the certified teacher following the approved curriculum and weather permitting, includes outside play. After lunch and afternoon nap, children have afternoon snack and then participate in health, safety and manners and outside play.  We end the day with free play and learning center opportunities for the children.  

Toddler Department

Toddlers are children from 1-2 years old at Canaland. They are called the Butterflies, Lambs and Bunnies. Your little ones are awesome and we love to help them feel that way! As a child develops and grows by the month, we group children with others the same age as they are, so they are growing developmentally with their friends from little on. 

Toddler's daily learning time is integrated throughout the day. Children learn needs-based American Sign Language (please, thank you, more, etc.), colors, shapes, basic words, body part and object recognition, etc. Large and fine motor development opportunities throughout the day, along with outside play when the weather allows. 

Toddler parents supply the following for their child: 

  • Diapers

  • Wipes

  • Extra supply of clothes

  • Special blanket or nap soft toy



4 Year Old Kindergarten is offered in collaboration with the Stevens Point Public Schools, Monday through Thursday during the school year, with a morning or afternoon class. 

Students enter 4K receiving their first experience in a traditional classroom setting, developmentally appropriate for a four year old. Teachers are Department of Public Education Licensed in the state of WI. A teacher assistant is in the classroom as well when there are over 13 students in a class. The largest class sizes will be 20 students.

Wrap-around care is available for students needing care around the 4K class times. 4K is also available in the summer months at Canaland. 


Before And After School Care

Club 300 is for children ages 5K - 6th grade both before and after school. Children are bussed to their school if Canaland is on their neighborhood school's route. 

Children enrolled at Stevens Point Christian Academy are taken to and from the Academy building by a lead teacher before and after school. 

Before school, children receive breakfast. After school children have snack, then take some time to do homework and after that they have free play activities, outside play and activity centers that keep them occupied until they go home. 

Camp Summer Fun

Monday - Friday during the summers from 6:30am-6pm, Camp Summer Fun is a great place for your child to hang out. CSF offers daily programming that help a child stay active, have fun and grow developmentally in character, socially and physically! 

Each year, CSF has a summer theme. They learn new songs, make art and craft projects, play and develop sports skills, brush up on academics throughout the summer, learn Spanish, use their creativity in drama and music, and so much more! 

Field trips are part of the "FUN" at CSF. A few times a month "bigger" trips are taken within a 2/3 hour radius of Canaland. Other times we participate in local trips like the local Farmer's Market, Schmeeckle Reserve, UWSP Planetarium and Science Museum, K.A.S.H. Park, Weston Acquatics Water Park, Local Farms, Cheese Factories, etc. Each week, the CSF Campers get to swim at the Donald Copps Municipal Pool. 


Call (715) 341-8747 for more information.