Meet the people that are passionate about building up children of all ages.

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Deborah Mallek

The founding Director at Canaland, Deb has been on staff since 1985. Deb’s husband is Pastor Matt Mallek, the founding pastor of Refuge. They have four children, two married and two grandchildren with one on the way! Deb’s heart for children began at an early age and hasn’t weakened. Canaland’s mission to serve this community, providing the best possible child care available hasn’t changed either! 

Some of Deb’s favorite kid things are: 

Favorite Kid Food: Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets

Favorite Kid Story/Book: The Little Engine that Could

Favorite Kid Game: Chutes & Ladders

Favorite thing about working with children: Their innocence, automatic forgiveness and unconditional love!


Jennifer Kleiner

Canaland’s Program Director, Jennifer and her husband Tim moved back to the north from Tulsa, OK where Jennifer operated an in-home child care. They have three children, Ally, Dylan and Maddy. Jennifer’s professionalism and desire to please make her a great asset to Canaland. 

Some of Jennifer’s favorite kid things are: 

Food: Mac & Cheese

Story:  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Game: Peek-a-Boo & Duck, Duck, Goose

Favorite thing about working with children:  Their hugs, smiles, and excitement to learn


Missy Kessel

Missy is one of the Assistant Program Directors at Canaland and has been on staff over 20 years! That means she’s served in a lot of different roles at both Canaland and Stevens Point Christian Academy. Missy is a mathematician, but before that, she’s an amazing teacher! Missy and her husband, Francis get to help raise their grandchild and are also planning to be foster parents. Some of Missy’s favorite kid things are: 

Some of Missy’s favorite kid things are: 

Favorite Kid Food: Mac-n-cheese

Favorite Kid Story/Book: John Lion’s Book

Favorite Kid Game: Candyland

Favorite thing about working with children: All their great hugs!

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Heidi Osborne

Heidi’s claim to fame at Canaland is that she was once an infant in our nursery! Now, 10+ years on staff, she made it from the infant room, to teaching in about every age group and currently serves as an Assistant Director.  Heidi and Dave have two adorable little girls with one on the way, so that makes her the best kind of quality control!  

Some of Heidi’s favorite kid things are: 

Favorite Kid Food: Mac & Cheese

Favorite Kids Book: Llama Llama series 

Favorite Kids Game: Go Fish

Favorite thing about working with children: Getting in all the snuggles I want!...and being able to watch them grow through play.


ToriLynn Schneider

ToriLynn loves is one of the Administrative Assistants at Canaland. She loves art, creativity, laughter and encouraging people. She has her doctorate in Theology, my master's in Ministry, BA in International Studies and Spanish. Canaland is fortunate that at this time she’s using her talents with your children! ToriLynn is proud mama to three children, Sam, Jackson and Mable. She’s originally from Illinois and has made the Stevens Point area her new home!  

Favorite Kid Food: Seedless Summertime Watermelon

Favorite Kid Book: I Promise I’ll Find You and Goodnight Moon

Favorite Kid Game: UNO

Favorite thing about working with children: Children are so passionate about everything they do-and I can 100% relate to them in this way! They love with their entire beings, play with their whole hearts and forgive quickly to make peace. I am so inspired by them!