What is Pre-4K?

Pre-4K is an answer to a community need to provide 4K-ready environment for your child that misses the 4K cut-off date of September 1. Pre-4K is a prelude to 4K for students who's parents would like them to have a little more time to grow developmentally, socially, academically, emotionally or physically.

Our Curriculum

Footsteps for Fours presents active, hands-on learning with a balance of class activities  and individual or small group learning centers. Daily math, phonics, and pre-reading lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting segments. Footsteps for Fours is a 5-day program designed for all types of learners at all stages of learning. 

What will my child learn?

Pre-reading, Listening and Literature, Introduction to Handwriting, Mathematics, Heritage Studies, Science, Art, Motor, and Music.

Lessons Made Fun!

  • Learning Centers music, art, and cooking are integrated into the lessons.
  • Making Sounds Make Sense aids the teacher as she introduces letter sounds to the children.
  • Step Write Up engages the children in group writing experiences.
  • Eager Beavers presents teaching for the child who is ready to read.
  • Music with Honey develops rhythm, coordination, and music awareness skills.
  • Interactive 4-Season Teaching Tree with weather, math, and letter supplement teaching pieces.
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