4K History

4K began at Canaland back when in the inception of the child care. In 2010, the Stevens Point School District began a collaborating partners called Point to 4K. Canaland contracted with the district to provide 4 year old Kindergarten to children in the Stevens Point community.

What Does My Child Learn in 4K?

4K concentrates on academic readiness with an intentional play-based approach to learning. 4K students have only been on the earth four years, so they are in the prime of formative learning.

In 4K your child will learn number and letter recognition, grow in social and emotional development, learn about space perceptions, and begin learning the concept of time and calendars, along with many other things. 

Learning is fun and pressure to learn isn't what happens in 4K. You'll love Canaland's 4K program and all we have to offer! 

Who is My Teacher?

The teaching staff with Canaland's 4K Program are Department of Public Instruction Certified teachers. 4K Teachers are also qualified through the state of Wisconsin's Department of Children and Families.

Along with their involvement with the Canaland preschool teaching staff, 4K teachers meet with the Stevens Point District 4K Principal and other district 4K teachers. Canaland's Administrator and Program Director meet regularly with the 4K Teacher as well, so that we are always perfecting the program we offer at Canaland. 

How Do I Enroll?

To enroll with Canaland's 4 year old kindergarten program, you also need to enroll at Canaland because the 4K program is also licensed by the state of Wisconsin's Department of Children and Families.

Enrollment begins in February each year and is first-come first served, based on available space. 

Children must be four years old by September 1st to enroll for that academic year. Canaland also offers a Pre-4K for children whose parents don't feel they are developmentally ready to enroll in 4K. 

To enroll in 4K through the Stevens Point School District Collaborating Partners, contact: https://www.pointschools.net/Page/6001