How to enroll your child in our programs.


Admissions and Enrollment

How do you enroll your child in one of the most quality child care programs in the region? The steps are easy. Always remember that it is important to compare what there is to offer in the community prior to making your decision. You won't be disappointed that you took the extra time first! 

What If I Want to Tour Canaland? 

  1. Phone Canaland Administration 715.341.8747 or 715.341.3275 ext 3 Ask for an Informational Brochure to be mailed to your home
  2. After reviewing the Informational Brochure, call us to set your tour. Feel free to bring anyone with you that you feel can help you to make the right decision for you and your family. 
  3. The initial tour will take up to 30 minutes. Come prepared to ask lots of questions. If you think of more questions after you leave, don't hesitate to call to ask. 

How Do I Enroll My Child? 

Congratulations! You've made a GREAT decision! Upon completion of a tour of Canaland Christian Academy of Early Learning, you are ready to begin the enrollment process. 

A Canaland Receptionist will direct you in explaining all the necessary forms that need to be completed for the first day of child care, along with any supplies you will need, a daily schedule, etc..

Remember, we want you to ask A LOT of questions! Throughout your child's time at Canaland you are always welcome to phone to see how he/she is doing, especially that first week! Whatever helps you and your family transition into the new environment, we are willing to do to help.