4K News 5-27 to 5-31

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: May 27-May 31, 2019

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


Camping will continue in our room. We are enjoying the different activities available, and the stories too. In handwriting we will work on n, m, and h. In social/emotional time we will learn about the fact that we all are different and that is okay. Mostly we will be preparing for graduation and doing our best for all of you. Don’t forget to invite all the important people in their lives.


Pete the Cat went with Julia to the camper! They only stayed Friday night, but they had a lot of fun. They rode a bike, jumped on a bouncy pillow, played games, and had lots of fun.

Gilbert the Great down to the river with Rylee, since it could remind him of the ocean. They played in the sand and Gilbert took a little swim. They watched the sunset together, and Spirit too. Rylee also showed him the importance of safety in the car.

Biscuit and Jared played outside on the swing set. They read books about digging machines until they fell asleep. Saturday they watched the ducks and robins play outside. On Sunday he showed Biscuit how much fun and IPad can be when it is raining and then they built a model of the Titanic from magnetics. Lots of fun!


May 27                        No School – Memorial Day

May 29                       Under the Sea Dress Day

May 30                       4K Graduation (4:30 in the auditorium)

June 7                         Last day of 4K (Yes it is a Friday.)


May 2                          Landen Roth (pretend birthday – real August 4)

May 16                                    Izzy Fossen (pretend birthday – real July 17)

May 16                                    Alex Wangelin (pretend birthday – real July 16)

May 20                                    Sarah Paulsen (pretend birthday – real August 19)

May 21                                    Briar Schweers (pretend birthday – real August 21)

May 30                                    Reghan Knutson


Last Day

Just a reminder the last day of school for 4K is Friday, June 7.

Safety Drill

The Safety Drill went very well. Two police officers stopped by to talk with the children and answer questions afterward. The kids did great.


4K has a graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 30 at 4:30 pm. It is held in the auditorium in the Canaland building. The children will show off a bit of what they have learned and will receive a diploma and an award. Please plan to come. It is sure to be memorable. FYI this program is less than one hour.

Please note: the 4K students should be in the Green Room at Canaland by 4:15.

Activity Calendars

Don’t forget to do May! Return it before June 7 and get a prize.

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