4K News 5-13 to 5-17

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: May 13-May 17, 2019

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


Families will continue to be our theme. We will also look at police officers in honor of their special week. In handwriting we will work on lower case e, k and y, and the number 8. During our social/emotional time we will be preparing for riding the Kindergarten bus.


Pete the Cat went with Greyson and had a fun time learning what to wear for T-ball. Friday they went to SPCA’s Spring Concert and had a great time. The big event on Saturday was that they got to watch a movie. On Sunday they went to church and then lunch with Grandma and Grandpa walking in Iverson Park.

Pete the Cat also went with Izzy. They had a great time in the backyard with her brothers. They went on the slide, hammock and trampoline. Pete got to have dinner with Grandpa and Grandma at Culvers. Saturday and Sunday they drove to Wausau to watch Izzy’s big brother play soccer. They did really well!

Gilbert the Shark’s adventures started at Cameron’s house. When they went out for dinner they even got to order dessert. They also spent a lot of fun time outside riding bikes, playing in the sand pile, and riding red tractors. Other highlights were going to Grace’s basketball camp, the grocery store and Fleet Farm.

While Reghan had Gilbert the Shark he tried to eat her fish in her tank. They played in the backyard, picked up sticks and played in the sandbox with Jacqueline, Reghan’s little sister. They also spent several hours playing with Aidyn, Reghan’s friend.

Biscuit started with and adventure at Natalie’s. While there they spent time cuddling, watching TV and napping. He also got to meet all of Natalie’s toys.

Then Biscuit got to go with Jake. They went to big brother Liam’s baseball practice. There was play time outside and a hike at Schmeekle Saturday he got to watch Jake play his first game, and then a walk through the Sculpture Park. Later they went to a campfire at Nana and Papa’s. Sunday they played Monopoly, played catch, and watched TV. They ended with dinner at Mc Donald’s!


May 13                         Dress Like Your Favorite Animal

May 14                         Ethnic Day: Mexico

May 23                        Rockstar Dress Day

May 27                        No School – Memorial Day

May 29                       Under the Sea Dress Day

May 30                       4K Graduation (4:30 in the auditorium)

June 7                         Last day of 4K (Yes it is a Friday.)


May 2                          Landen Roth (pretend birthday – real August 4)

May 16                                    Izzy Fossen (pretend birthday – real July 17)

May 16                                    Alex Wangelin (pretend birthday – real July 16)

May 20                                    Sarah Paulsen (pretend birthday – real August 19)

May 21                                    Briar Schweers (pretend birthday – real August 21)

May 30                                    Reghan Knutson


Safety Drill

We wanted to make you aware that on Monday, May 20 4K will participate in a safety drill in our school building. We have talked about what to do and they children are ready for a practice.


We are going to celebrate the birthdays of the summer birthdays in April and May. There are a lot of them. We are hoping that they all will participate. Don’t forget they should not have nuts and must be made in a commercial kitchen.

Mother’s Day Tea

We had a great time! Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.


4K has a graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 30 at 4:30 pm. It is held in the auditorium in the Canaland building. The children will show off a bit of what they have learned and will receive a diploma and an award. Please plan to come. It is sure to be memorable.

Activity Calendars

Don’t forget to do May! Return it before June 7 and get a prize.

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