4K News 3-18 to 3-29

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: March 18-29, 2019

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


First we have a week off for Spring Break! Have a great time. The last week in March we will start our transportation unit. There will be lots of fun learning about different ways to get from one place to another. Don’t forget to send us a picture of you and a form of transportation by March 25 or 26. Thank you. In handwriting we will be finishing up the alphabet with Y and Z, also the number 10. Our theme during social/emotional time will be Thinking of Solutions. We will practice using different ideas that will help us when real problems come up.


Pete the Cat’s first adventure was with Asher. They had breakfast and snack together. Grandma Mary came over and they played and watched a movie. There were lots of stories with Owen, Asher and Pete.

The second adventure for Pete the Cat was with Greysen. Greysen was very excited, unfortunately the whole family was sick except Greysen and Pete. They were gracious helpers by bringing water, blankets and Kleenex. There were movies, games, books and playing in the snow. They still had fun.

The first weekend for Gilbert the Great was spent with Anna. They checked out the new house they are building. Even taking a picture in Anna’s future bedroom. At home Anna made a cozy bed for Gilbert. On Saturday they went sledding at the new house on the dirt hills covered with snow. Sunday was spent playing Play-doh. Later they watched a movie.

Gilbert the Shark spent his second weekend with Jared. They were celebrating Jared’s 5th birthday with his family. He got presents and had a birthday cake. They played with lots of different toys. Jaden and Jared went outside and rode their bikes! It was a great weekend.

Biscuit’s first fun weekend was with Izzy. He came with to a parent-teacher conference and thought it was fun. Later there was gymnastics to watch. Off to a friend’s house on Saturday for pizza and popcorn, and lots of play time! Sunday they played at home with Izzy’s brothers. They stayed inside because it was cold and watched a movie.

The second fun weekend for Biscuit was spent with Quinn. Friday Dad took them bowling and for pizza. Breakfast Saturday was at Zest. One of Quinn’s sisters needed to pick out her birthday cake and other treats. Quinn got a chocolate chip cookie. Sunday was the birthday party. They had fun and Quinn and Biscuit helped clean up. It was a fun weekend.


March 11                     SMART Night 4:30-6 pm, 4K classroom

March 18-22                No School – Spring Break!

March 25                     Rain Boot Day

April 16                         Boston School Forest (we go the whole class time)


March 11                     Jared Bauer

March 16                     Greysen Heineck



Please send a picture of your student or your family with some form of transportation. We would love to have a great variety. They will be put on the bulletin board for all to see.

School Choice

The school district has already sent you something indicating where your child will attend kindergarten in the fall. If you are making a different choice please let them know as soon as you can so that they can have accurate records.

Also, just a reminder if you have any important information changes (address, phone number, etc.) Please let them know so that your child’s file is up to date.


Thank you to the families that were able to make it to SMART Night. Your child got to show off what they know.


Please remember to update extra clothes in lockers and backpacks. Double check for current season and size.

Be sure to send outdoor clothing if the temperature with the wind chill will be above 20 degrees. We do like to get out when we can.

Activity Calendars

Keep working on March! Please turn the March calendar in by April 4.

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