4K News 2-11 to 2-15

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: February 11-15, 2019

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


Happy Valentine’s Day! Your children are welcome to bring Valentines for their friends. It is not required, but they do enjoy handing them out and receiving them. Many of them even like to write them out themselves! If you need another copy of the class list please let me know.

Reading books about Valentine’s Day and making projects for the big day will continue. This week we will write 7, names, A, and draw a triangle. The Social/Emotional time will focus on Fairways to Play.


Pete is still at home with a friend. We will hear about two weeks next week.

Gilbert the Great spent time with Landen. Their family went to the Badger State ice skating competition to watch Landen’s cousin Haley. The next day they went to Milwaukee. They played games at Dave and Busters and went swimming in a pool. On Sunday they went to Brewers on Deck. Landen met some of the Brewers! On the way home they watched a movie and had snacks. Monday they all stayed home with Mom and stayed in their pajamas most of the day! They made a fort in the living room and then went outside to play in the snow.

Biscuit spent some time with Kaitlyn. First they played Barbie’s and dolls indoors and her brothers fed Biscuit doggie treats. Saturday they had swimming lessons. Later they went to the grocery store. Biscuit rode in the cart! On Sunday Dad worked and Grandma came over for dinner, macaroni and cheese! On Monday they played trucks, dinosaurs, puzzles,  and Legos with Kaitlyn’s brothers. It was a fun snow day!


February 12                 Ethnic Day - Korea

February 13                 Vision Screening by the Lion’s Club (9 am)

February 14                 Valentine’s Day Party (10:15-11:50 or 2:00-3:30)

February 18                 Wear something you love.

February 19                 Fieldtrip to Central Wisconsin’s Children’s Museum (8:45-10:30 or 12:30-2:15)

February 21 & 25        Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 25                 No School – Conferences

February 26                 Crazy Sock Day

March 11                     SMART Night 4:30-6 pm, 4K classroom


February 24                 Floyd Liang

February 27                 Autumn Fochs


Valentine’s Party

We will be celebrating as individual classes, however I have sent the list of names for both groups in case your child would like to include some of their wrap around friends. Let me know if you need another copy of the list.

The morning party will begin about 10:15, and the afternoon about 2:00. They will last the rest of the class time for each group.

We ask that there be no food in the Valentines. This keeps everyone safe due to food sensitivities and other situations. If you want to include something try stickers, cute erasers or pencils, or other fun items. Thank you for your help.

Volunteers Needed

Parents we have a few events coming up that we are needing volunteers for. The first one is our Valentine’s Day Parties (10:15-11:50 or 2:00-3:30), the next is February 19 we go to the Central Wisconsin’s Children’s Museum (8:45-10:30 or 12:30-2:15), and April 16 we will go to Boston School Forest (8:45-11:30 or 12:30-3:20). If you are interested in any of these please let me know. Each of them happens separately in the morning and afternoon, so afternoon help is appreciated. (Please note that I did have an error in last week’s letter in regards to the date of the Boston School Forrest trip.)


Suggested meeting times will be coming in their folders soon.


Please remember to update extra clothes in lockers and backpacks. Double check for current season and size.

Be sure to send outdoor clothing if the temperature with the wind chill will be above 20 degrees. We do like to get out when we can.

Activity Calendars

Please return the January calendar by February 7. Remember, you do not need to do all of the items, just do several and mark the ones that you did.

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