4K News 1-28 to 1-31

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: January 28-31, 2019

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


Penguins and the Inuit are still the focus of our learning. We are doing fun activities and even a Penguin song. For handwriting we will be doing some review activities and learning K. Managing waiting will be the focus of our social/emotional time.


Pete the Cat and Lilly had a busy weekend! Riley came for a sleepover on Friday. They played dress up and put on makeup. Later big sister Nishayla came over and the played Barbie’s and did a fashion show. After supper there was cake and then a pillow fight. In the morning Nishayla made chocolate chip pancakes! That afternoon they went ice skating and to McDonalds play land. Saturday evening they went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Sunday was movies and relax day. On Monday they got to play learning games on the computer.

Gilbert the Great went with Briar to Grandma Cowboy’s house on Friday. They watched TV and played with Brayln. Friday night Briar and Dad went to the other Grandma’s to play with the new puppy. Then they went riding around looking for coyote tracks. Sunday Briar and Gilbert went to Grandma’s house while Dad went hunting. Monday was spent at Grandma’s while Dad went to work.

Biscuit had a long weekend with Jonny. Legos and movies topped of Friday. Saturday they went to the Children’s Museum with Daddy and Jameson. In the afternoon they went to a friend’s house where there was a big fun party with everyone. On Sunday the guys went to Holiday Inn to swim. Jameson was a bit nervous about going down the slide, but Jonny and Biscuit cheered him on and they had a lot of fun. Later Mommy got home and they all went to a friend’s house to play. Monday they slept in and then went to the YMCA.  They had a lot of fun playing.


January 31                  Favorite Team Dress Day

February 9                   4K Family Swim @ the YMCA 1-4 pm

February 13                 Vision Screening by the Lion’s Club (9 am)

February 14                 Valentine’s Day Party

February 19                 Field trip to Central Wisconsin’s Children’s Museum

February 21 & 25        Parent/Teacher Conferences

February 25                 No School

March 11                     SMART Night 4:30-6 pm, 4K classroom


January 6                    Kendyl Levendowski

January 14                  Lilly Wyatt


Valentine’s Party

We will be celebrating as individual classes, however I have included the list of names for both groups in case your child would like to include some of their wrap around friends.

The morning party will begin about 10:15, and the afternoon about 2:00. They will last the rest of the class time for each group.

We ask that there be no food in the Valentines. This keeps everyone safe due to food sensitivities and other situations. If you want to include something try stickers, cute erasers or pencils, or other fun items. Thank you for your help.

Volunteers Needed

Parents we have a few events coming up that we are needing volunteers for. The first one is our Valentine’s Day Parties, the next is February 19 we go to the Central Wisconsin’s Children’s Museum, and April 16 we will go to Boston School Forest. If you are interested in any of these please let me know. Each of them happens separately in the morning and afternoon, so afternoon help is appreciated. (Please note that I did have an error in last week’s letter in regards to the date of the Boston School Forrest trip.)


Please remember to update extra clothes in lockers and backpacks. Double check for current season and size.

Be sure to send outdoor clothing if the temperature with the wind chill will be above 20 degrees. We do like to get out when we can.

Activity Calendars

Don’t forget to be working on January’s calendar! Please return the January calendar by February 7.

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