4K News 1-21 to 1-25

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: January 21-25, 2019

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


Penguins and Inuit’s are our theme the next two weeks. We will continue to discuss safety readiness in the case of an intruder. Crouching like a bunny and practicing being quiet will be our goals. Handwriting will have some letter and number review and some fun. Social/emotional time will look at managing anger. This should be helpful.


Pete the Cat spent the weekend with Autumn. Thursday he spent time with her family and her Daddy’s friend. He got to sleep with Autumn. Friday they went to Gramma and Papa’s. They were going to spend time with a cousin, but that did not work out, her cousin was sick. Instead they stayed at Gramma and Papa’s. On Sunday they went to church and played. It was the best weekend ever.

Gilbert the Great went to Starbucks with Julia and her family. Later they went to Fazoli’s and had bread sticks and fettuccine. Afterwards they watched some videos. The next day they made marshmallow fondant and put it on a vanilla cake. It was decorated with a bunny drawing. Gilbert and Julia’s family also to a trip to the town of Rome and went to Pritzl’s Traveling Post for lunch!

Biscuit had the weekend off.

Please make note of the new schedule for our friends. It went home with students last week.


January 21                  No 4K

January 22                  College T-shirt Dress Day

January 31                  Favorite Team Dress Day

February 13                 Vision Screening by the Lion’s Club (9 am)

February 14                 Valentine’s Day Party

February 19                 Field trip to Central Wisconsin’s Children’s Museum


January 6                    Kendyl Levendowski

January 14                  Lilly Wyatt


Volunteers Needed

Parents we have a few events coming up that we are needing volunteers for. The first one is our Valentine’s Day Parties, the next is February 19 we go to the Central Wisconsin’s Children’s Museum, and April 19 we will go to Boston School Forest. If you are interested in any of these please let me know. Each of them happens separately in the morning and afternoon, so afternoon help is appreciated.


Please remember to update extra clothes in lockers and backpacks. Double check for current season and size.

Be sure to send outdoor clothing if the temperature with the wind chill will be above 20 degrees. We do like to get out when we can.

Activity Calendars

Don’t forget to be working on January’s calendar!

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