4K News 12-24 to 12-28

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: December 24-28, 2018

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


Well, we won’t be learning anything new since they will be with you. We hope that you have a great Christmas break. Relax and enjoy your children. When opportunities arise to review letters and numbers with them make it a game and see what they know. Also, please find chances for them to practice writing their names a few times, just to keep it fresh. Happy Holidays and a blessed New Year!


Pete the Cat got to start with going to Jake’s swimming lesson where he passed to the next class! Grocery shopping, cooking and going to Jake’s concert were the highlights on Friday. Saturday was busier. There was practicing for the church Christmas program, watching big brother play basketball, some relaxing and then pizza for dinner. Sunday Jake played in the bell choir at church, and then they went bowling.

Gilbert the Great got to see the Christmas program at Canaland and met Izzy’s family. On the trip to Lowe’s Gilbert thought the freezers were his size. At Walmart he snacked on some goldfish. When they got home they went sledding with Izzy’s brothers. Later they went to the Christmas lights in Marshfield. They were very pretty. He also got to sleep with Izzy.

Biscuit got to go with Reghan to Grandma and Grandpa’s house because her mom had a surgery. They have a farm! Lots of fun! Reghan went to the Christmas program. They also built a snowman with Grandma and Grandpa.


December 24 &25       Canaland Closed

January 1                    Canaland Closed

Dec. 24-Jan. 1             No 4K

January 21                  No 4K


December 3                Brooklyn Luedtke

December 10              Greyson Harrison

December 13              Henry Streicher

December 23              Cameron McKay



Please remember to update extra clothes in lockers and backpacks. Double check for current season and size.

Be sure to send outdoor clothing if the temperature with the wind shield will be above 20 degrees. We do like to get out when we can.

Christmas Party

Thank you for letting us celebrate with your children and thank you for all of the volunteers that helped to make this a very fun activity.

Activity Calendars

Please do not forget to keep track of the activity calendars. Your children are welcome to bring back the December calendar by January 10. They do enjoy picking from the prize container. Just mark which activities you did and put their name at the top.

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