4K News 11-26 to 11-30

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: November 26-30, 2018

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


This week we begin looking at Christmas. We will start with the gingerbread boy and house. We will have a flannel graph of the Gingerbread Boy story and read a book with it. There will also be a painting. In Writing without Tears we will focus on the letter I and U, and review our names and the number 3. During Second steps we will discuss that we all accidentally do things and the appropriate way to handle those situations. It will be a fun week of learning.


Pete the Cat went home with Landen. First they went to his grandparent’s house and then home to meet Mom, Dad, and baby sister Raelynn. Saturday the mostly stayed home to clean the house, and then some grocery shopping. The got a gingerbread house and put it together and then watched movies and relaxed. On Sunday they helped Dad make breakfast and then went to Jake’s birthday party. It was at the bowling alley! It was a great weekend.

Gilbert spent the weekend with Brooklyn. They played with her brother Forrest. Gilbert even wore Brooklyn’s Elsa dress during dress up. Saturday morning the spent outside playing and Brooklyn’s dad got out the four wheeler. It was chilly so they went inside for some hot chocolate. Later they played with shaving cream and made bookmarks. Then it was quiet time watching some cartoons. There was a family hike in the backyard on Sunday. Later there was a shopping trip, football watching, computer time, and making pumpkin Krispies. After dinner it was bath and wind down time.


November 12  No School (Parent/Teacher Conferences)

November 26              Packer Dress Day

December 11              Ethnic Day

December 14 & 15      Canaland’s Christmas program

December 20              Christmas Party


November 4    Kaitlyn Russel

November 14  Jacob Gorski                                 

November 14  Anna Kraemer


Pumpkin Pie Party

Thank you to all the families that were able to attend. It was good to see you all.

Christmas Program

Canaland’s Christmas Program, “Have You Heard?”, is Friday, December 14th at 6:30 pm and Saturday, December 15th at 4pm. Feel free to invite important loved ones to come see the production. It will be fun and exciting.

Don’t forget there are practices on Friday at 9 am in the auditorium at Canaland, as well as at 2pm on Nov. 30th, Dec. 7, and Dec. 14.

Change for a Cause

Your child brought home a baggie for your family to have an opportunity to share some change with another 4K family in our district. Please feel free to send back the baggie with some change in it to help this family out.

Our Room

Just an FYI our classroom is usually a bit warm and since the children play and sit on the floor a lot the get quite warm. The building has radiant heat that comes through the floor. So, having a short sleeve shirt under the long sleeves is helpful for most of the children. Thank you for your help.

Activity Calendar

Please be working on the activity calendar with your child. When the month is done send it back to school so they can pick a prize. November’s is due by December 6.

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