4k News 9-24 to 9-28

4K Parent & Student News

Weeks of: September 24-28, 2018

Mrs. Missy Kessel – Lead Teacher, Miss Meghan Trierweiler – Assistant Teacher 


4K’s fun with apples will continue this week. We will make apple sauce and learn about Johnny Appleseed. In Handwriting without Tears we will work on letter shapes, some colors, and continue with crayon grip. In our social/emotional time we will be working on focusing our attention. The new SMART activities this week will be slap track and pencil roll. We are excited about the week and all that we will learn.


Because of a mix up we have two weekends worth to share with you.

On the weekend of September 7-9 Pete the Cat went home with Jonny. They got to go to the skateboard park and cruise on Jonny’s swing car. Later they went to Minnesota met some cousins, had a campfire and a sleepover. Saturday included playground time and roller skating. Sunday was more relaxed a movie and some football. It was a great time.

On September 14-16 Pete went with Kaitlyn. Grandma watched Kaitlyn and her brothers on Friday. They made Chocolate chip cookies and colored. That evening they watched a movie. Saturday morning there were banana pancakes and finishing making the tractor train car. Then they went for a ride. Sunday included helping with the cleaning and playing outside. Pete had a wonderful time.

Gilbert the Great spent the first weekend with Briar. They ran errands and then went to Grandma’s. Gilbert stayed there overnight so that Danelli (Briar’s dog) wouldn’t eat Gilbert. He got scared when Grandma and Grandpa wanted a fish fry on Friday. Briar got to help take down the shed at Great Grandma’s. Then he fed Gilbert a Popsicle. On Sunday Auntie Ariel and Uncle Kris came and brought Briar’s belated birthday present, and they did a little swimming. What fun!

The second weekend was spent with Landen and his family. While his parent’s worked Landen and his sister stayed with grandparents, and there was lots of fun playing. Friday night they went to Madison on their way to Chicago. There was pool time and a little watching of the Brewers, and an early bed time. Saturday was Chicago and a wedding! Gilbert even met the bride and groom. On the way home Sunday Landen’s dad spilled a whole cup of coffee on the windshield. Everyone laughed. At home there was a little time for playing outside and watching a movie. Wow! That was fun.

On the weekend of September 7th Biscuit went home with Kaden. The family went kayaking. Biscuit stayed in the truck. Biscuit and Kaden watched a favorite show, snuggled, read bedtime stories, and were together in happy and sad times. They enjoyed playing with toys, especially dinosaurs, sea creatures and Legos. They had great adventures.

Lilly had the next adventure with Biscuit. They watched movies and ate popcorn on Friday. There was a trip to Oshkosh on Saturday. They met up with a friend and played in a park. Sunday Biscuit got to go to church and they had a great time in Children’s Church. After they went to Walmart to buy food and helped to grill out. They also rode around the house in Lilly’s Jeep! Then there was story time. So very fun.


September 24 Packer Dress Day

September 26 Favorite T-shirt Day

September 27 Mom-to-Mom Group 4:30-5:30 (sign up at Canaland)

September 27 Meals-to-Go (Purchase a meal from Canaland, hot and ready to eat)

October 8 Picture Day from 7-9, we will get a class picture at that time. If you would like individual, or family pictures to be taken to possibly purchase please fill out the form being sent home on September 24 by October 4.


September 24

We do have school on September 24!

Paper Work

Parents, the district sent you three things to fill out and return to me. I have received most of them. Thank you. However, there are a few people who did not turn in one or more items. Please check around your house and see if you have any of the following still at home: Parent Questionnaire, ASQ-3, and ASQ-SE. These items I need for planning and effectively working with your child, also they go into their file for future reference. Thank you for your help.


If you have moved or gotten a new phone number since you registered in the spring please update the school district and Canaland. It is important that we all have your correct contact information.


Please call if your child is not going to be at school. I do take attendance and turn that into the district.  If you do have a question you can call (715)341-8747, or e-mail me at mkessel@pointschools.net.


Please be sure that your child has a change of clothing either in their locker or their backpack. Unfortunately spills and mistakes do happen.


Please send a jacket, sweater, or sweat shirt for outside play. We will go out and if it is under 60 degrees your child needs something to put on. Thank you.

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